Dear Editor: House Speaker John Boehner was quoted saying the Affordable Care Act is “a train wreck” and “it’s time to protect American families from this unworkable law.” I thought Republicans want government to stay out of people’s lives, but now a prominent Republican wants to “protect” Americans from a law he does not like.

Mr. Boehner, remember that a majority of the public voted for President Obama and health care reform.

Mr. Boehner, calm down. The ACA is NOT a government takeover of health care. Government is NOT going to determine what health care we get. Obama wisely crafted the law to bring private insurance providers to a single marketplace where individuals can choose among plans. To ensure all people have health basics covered, Obama wisely set a basic floor below which no provider can go. Private providers will determine the details and compete with each other for American customers. Aren’t competition and choice the American way?

Mr. Boehner, many new good ideas need tweaking after implementation. Let the American people work it out with the president and the private insurers.

Mr. Boehner, may I remind you: You lost the last election.

Kathy D. Stella


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